The Australian Tamil Academy Community

The Australian Tamil Academy provides a caring environment that encourages all children to value and respect themselves and others. We lead by example and we set out goals and high standards that reflect upon the school population.

We are committed to teaching Tamil language and culture in a supportive, safe and caring environment. Our school community is vibrant and one that reflects the morals and ethos of the Tamil culture and identity. Our students feel safe and happy coming to school. They are engaged, they enjoy learning, and as a result, they develop positive social skills for the rest of their lives.


Qualified teachers

All staff at our Academy are qualified to cater for the educational needs and ability of your children. Our teachers have a genuine passion and love for teaching our Tamil language and culture to our children – many of them hold overseas (India & Singapore) teaching qualifications and also work as teachers in Australian public schools. We also have a rigorous formal Tamil Teacher Training for all our teachers through our academy as well as with SRM University (Tamil Nadu, India) & Victorian Universities.


Our Curriculum

We have developed a curriculum program covering the aspects of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Thinking, Viewing, Singing, Dancing as well as History & Religion. Our curriculum is aligned with AusVELS and meets all essential progression measures and points.